A Not So Quick Update :)

Hi all!  It’s been a while since I have posted on here.  I hate leaving this site dormant knowing that I direct people here from my YouTube Channel. I have found lately (or probably longer than lately) that I really have so much creative inspiration and I don’t have enough time to make it happen.  You know that thing that happens…when you want something, you can’t have it but once you get it, you don’t want it anymore?  I feel like it’s a part of it.  Seems like when I have a moment to sit and breath and not be stressed out about all of the things there is to do in a day, I lose my motivation to scrap.  But all of the other time (which, let’s face it, it’s 99.99% of the time) I am so inspired to be at my scrap desk creating.

So let’s see, what have I been up to?  I finished a couple series on my YouTube channel.  One called “All About a Boy” and another called “30 Days of Thankful”.  For the All About A Boy Series, I created 10 layouts that were all about my son Stephen! Here is the playlist to that and a couple photos from my favorite layouts.


The 30 days of thankful project was inspired by Cathy Zielske and her class 30 Days of Thankful .  I purchased the smaller version because I only wanted the inspiration and less of the digital content.  It inspired me enough to create 30 videos on my channel where I decorated a page a day in a traveler’s notebook.  I really enjoyed the process of decorating in my traveler’s notebook.  I guess it’s a cross between a 12 x 12 and project life.  I like that I have a smaller canvas to work on.  I feel less intimidated and more free with using embellishments on a page.

After that project, I focused on creating some layouts with my December/Winter/Christmas stash which I have started posting on my channel now.  The playlist on my channel is called December Stash Busting and I am up to layout #6.

Since then, I started journaling again.  It’s something I have done in many many years.  It’s a long story and I plan to share a little of that in a post soon when I start sharing some of my journals.  I have been using a traveler’s notebook to journal and it’s very artsy and almost like smash booking, but doesn’t have to be so some pages are mostly just journaling.  For me, it’s really flexible and is less about telling a story of something that happened and more telling a story of right now.  I also add lots of smaller, less life changing topics in my journal, but it’s all about what I am thinking in the moment or what is inspiring me at that moment.

I did finish December Daily and haven’t decided if I will do a flip through on my channel or just a blog post.  I didn’t record the process for various reasons but it’s on my list of things “to do” as far as finding a way to share it.

On a personal note, I recently had back surgery and I am still recovering from that.  It’s something I have needed to do for many years but I couldn’t wait any longer.  I am also not sure that the fight with fixing my back is over. Only time will tell. I don’t currently have a series in the works for my channel and don’t know when I will start one up.  I am going to play it by ear as it’s really important for me to heal right now.

Looking back at all of that, I am actually impressed with what I have accomplished scrappy/art wise. Sometimes it helps to write it down!

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the New Year.  Hopefully I will have another post out soon!