What Exactly is a Bullet Journal!?

I have been working on my bullet journal and thinking of what would be the next best post to share with you all.  I thought a little more explanation of what a bullet journal is would be best.

In my first post about bullet journals , I linked up the actual bullet journal site http://bulletjournal.com/.  There are many options outside of using an actual bullet journal, for instance the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, but really you can use whatever notebook you want.  The system is quite flexible to what you have on hand and what you want to include in your book.  I use the journal to keep track of my monthly and daily “to dos” but the best part for me is that I also keep track of many other goals, thoughts, and things I want to track in the same journal.  The idea with the journal is to turn the page and create whatever it is that you want to do next, whether it’s your daily pages or a new spread with ideas or goals you want to track.  The book has page numbers on each page and an index in the front. You can document all of your pages in the index or just the ones you want to easily refer back to.  For instance, I have a spread that presumably will take me 52 weeks to completely fill out.  I will need to be able to refer back to that spread every week, so I have it indexed.  There will be other spreads throughout my book that I used as creative or inspirational pages that I might never need to refer back to, so I choose not to index them.

Here is an example of a spread I would want to refer back to throughout the life of the book:
20160402_103119 cropped

Here is an example of a page that I may never need to go back to but I enjoyed creating at the time:

20160331_210607 cropped

You can create as many or as little spreads as you want and use it for whatever type of journal writing, planning, documenting, drawing, etc. that you want.  Keep in mind too that the bullet journal isn’t just a book full of lists and charts.  You can use it for daily journaling too!

I hope this helps explain a little more about the bullet journal and some of the ways you can use it.  I would love to hear from you!  What type of book do you use for planning, journaling, or doodling?

Leave me a note if you have any questions or have something you would like me to show from my bullet journal 🙂

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My New Adventure – Bullet Journal!

I am so excited to share with you this new journey that I started in March.  I can’t believe how much I have already done since I started and I can’t wait to fill up all the pages in April. It’s called bullet journaling and the way I see it, it’s like planning meets listing meets doodling meets scrappy supplies meets organization meets getting things done(!) meets feeling accomplished meets organized listing making – all of this in one lovely book.  I know that’s a lot of meet ups, but hey the more the merrier right!?

I tried the planner scene and I love it…I love watching everyone’s videos on it and the amount of creativity that goes into it, but my issue was that it wasn’t priority enough for me to put the time into it.  So the planners I bought (one last year and one this year) weren’t really doing what I needed them to do…which was get me to be organized with all of the things I am excited about and also those things that I need to get done (even if I don’t want to do them!).  About a year ago I looked into bullet journals, but the video on the site turned me off.  I want to be slightly creative with my planning.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, simply because I am a creative person, and it makes me happy :).  I wasn’t seeing the creativity that I crave on the video so I moved on.  Recently I decided to look it up again because my current planner wasn’t working for me and I am a lister…through and through…I list and list and list all day. I am even one of those listers that likes to write something on my list that I already finished just so I can cross it off.  Yeah, that’s me.  The issue with listing is that I have several notebooks that I list different topics in.  It becomes challenging to keep up with and I have a tendency to start new notebooks before finishing another because I started a new list.  I know, it’s like a tangled mess of notebooks and lists and pieces of paper with lists and post-its with lists…It’s hard to keep my craft desk clean to craft on sometimes!

With my 2016 planner lost in all this mess and not doing what I needed it to do, I did a search on bullet journals on YouTube.  I came across a fellow YouTuber and Blogger named Boho Berry.  Boho Berry is amazing. Not only does she have a ton of information on bullet journaling, but she is super inspiring and creative in her journals!  After watching her videos and a few others that I found, I decided to give it a go.  I took the plunge and purchased an actual Bullet Journal from Bulletjournal.com, and I basically had everything I needed from there.  You can use any notebook that you want to use…it doesn’t have to be a Bullet Journal, but I found some benefits to using the actual one and just wanted to go for it.  Other than the journal, you can go as simple as a black pen or fine line marker or you can go all out and use fancy markers, pens and scrappy supplies.  I choose the middle road for now, which is the journal, a decent ruler, and a bunch of marker pens.

I started mid-March and have now moved on to April.  For March I copied most of my layouts based on spreads that I had seen Boho Berry and some others do in their journals. I really didn’t know what I wanted until I tried it out so I thought that was the best route.  It didn’t take long though for me to realize what spreads I really liked, what worked for me, what didn’t, and new spreads that I wanted to try.

Here is a sneak peek of some of my March spreads:

Monthly Spread:

20160331_210456 Cropped

March Memories:


Daily Logs:

20160331_210548 cropped

I am really excited to begin sharing my progress with my bullet journal throughout the month and already have some plans for future videos on my YouTube Channel and ideas for future posts.

Are any of you Bullet Journalists?  I would love to hear your ideas, tips and tricks that have worked for you!

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