Simple Stamping Series Update

I really enjoyed the process and sharing the layouts for my Simple Stamping Series on My YouTube Channel.  I have so many stamp sets that I believe it would be a huge benefit for me to do another series using stamps…more to come on that!  My favorite stamps to use are definitely word stamps, which is why I think I gravitate towards Ali Edwards stamp sets.  I am subscribed to her monthly Story Kits and stamp set.  I am always so excited to see what amazing phrases will be on the latest stamp set 🙂

It’s been a while since I have updated the site, so here are the rest of the videos from Simple Stamping Series:

Layout #2:  This layout was super fun.  I used a monochromatic color scheme in orange.  I played with watercolors and used stamping as a border around the photo.

Layout #3:  Another monochromatic layout – this time in yellow.  For this layout, I used stamping as a the title:

Layout #4:  Again, monochromatic.  This time in green…are you getting the theme here?  This layout had less stamping than the other layouts, but I used a couple of heart stamps to compliment the embellishments.

Layout #5:  This was my favorite layout of them all.  This time the color scheme was blue.  I used several stamps to create areas for embellishment.

Layout #6:  The last layout was another monochromatic layout in the color…can you guess it??  Yes!  Purple!  I loved using purple on this layout.  Especially the soft shade that I was able to find in the Kaiser Craft, My Year, My Story collection.

This was a really fun series and I received a lot of positive feedback on it so I hope to eventually do another one.  For now…onto the next series!

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New Series! Simple Stamping

Hi everyone!  Now that my Use It or Lose It series is over I have started a new series on my channel called Simple Stamping.  I have a series of layouts showcasing different ways you can add simple stamping to your page to help with the design or just give some interest and best of all, to get you to use your stamps!  It has been a great exercise for me because I find myself pulling out my stamps much more often now on layouts that I have completed since doing the series.

The first layout in this series is a monochromatic layout in shades of pink and features my niece Ali on her 16th birthday.  I use the stamps to create a boarder for the page.  Here is the process video.

I am really excited about kicking this series off and hope you enjoy the process!

Thanks for stopping by!

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