Use It Or Lose It #10

I am obviously behind on posting my videos to my blog, but hey!  Better late than never right?!  Here is layout #10.  This one is about my love for MMA/UFC fights.  I was at a crop and the fights came on so I stopped to watch them on this tiny tv!  Paige VanZant is one of my favorites so I was really excited to get to see the fight…even if it was on the tinest of tv’s!

Happy Scrapping!

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Use it or Lose It Layout #9

The next video in my series is up.  Use it or Lose it #9 is all about my son’s excitement over making confetti when he was younger so he could use it at a big party.  We found the box of confetti while he was cleaning and packing up his room and it was just too cute!  He put tape on the box and wrote “Donate Counfete”.  This is a simple and quick layout but I love the way it turned out and the story it tells.

Thanks for watching!

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What Exactly is a Bullet Journal!?

I have been working on my bullet journal and thinking of what would be the next best post to share with you all.  I thought a little more explanation of what a bullet journal is would be best.

In my first post about bullet journals , I linked up the actual bullet journal site  There are many options outside of using an actual bullet journal, for instance the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, but really you can use whatever notebook you want.  The system is quite flexible to what you have on hand and what you want to include in your book.  I use the journal to keep track of my monthly and daily “to dos” but the best part for me is that I also keep track of many other goals, thoughts, and things I want to track in the same journal.  The idea with the journal is to turn the page and create whatever it is that you want to do next, whether it’s your daily pages or a new spread with ideas or goals you want to track.  The book has page numbers on each page and an index in the front. You can document all of your pages in the index or just the ones you want to easily refer back to.  For instance, I have a spread that presumably will take me 52 weeks to completely fill out.  I will need to be able to refer back to that spread every week, so I have it indexed.  There will be other spreads throughout my book that I used as creative or inspirational pages that I might never need to refer back to, so I choose not to index them.

Here is an example of a spread I would want to refer back to throughout the life of the book:
20160402_103119 cropped

Here is an example of a page that I may never need to go back to but I enjoyed creating at the time:

20160331_210607 cropped

You can create as many or as little spreads as you want and use it for whatever type of journal writing, planning, documenting, drawing, etc. that you want.  Keep in mind too that the bullet journal isn’t just a book full of lists and charts.  You can use it for daily journaling too!

I hope this helps explain a little more about the bullet journal and some of the ways you can use it.  I would love to hear from you!  What type of book do you use for planning, journaling, or doodling?

Leave me a note if you have any questions or have something you would like me to show from my bullet journal 🙂

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Use It Or Lose It Series – #7

Layout #7 is officially posted on YouTube:

I really like this layout because of how the splatters turned out and because of the colors.  I used three mists; Heidi Swapp color shine in black and gold and the Dylusions White Linen.  I love those three mists and have used them on several of the layouts for this series.  The color scheme consisted of my favorites – pink, blue/turquoise, black, white and gold.

I hope you are enjoying the series!  It’s been fun putting it all together!

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My New Adventure – Bullet Journal!

I am so excited to share with you this new journey that I started in March.  I can’t believe how much I have already done since I started and I can’t wait to fill up all the pages in April. It’s called bullet journaling and the way I see it, it’s like planning meets listing meets doodling meets scrappy supplies meets organization meets getting things done(!) meets feeling accomplished meets organized listing making – all of this in one lovely book.  I know that’s a lot of meet ups, but hey the more the merrier right!?

I tried the planner scene and I love it…I love watching everyone’s videos on it and the amount of creativity that goes into it, but my issue was that it wasn’t priority enough for me to put the time into it.  So the planners I bought (one last year and one this year) weren’t really doing what I needed them to do…which was get me to be organized with all of the things I am excited about and also those things that I need to get done (even if I don’t want to do them!).  About a year ago I looked into bullet journals, but the video on the site turned me off.  I want to be slightly creative with my planning.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, simply because I am a creative person, and it makes me happy :).  I wasn’t seeing the creativity that I crave on the video so I moved on.  Recently I decided to look it up again because my current planner wasn’t working for me and I am a lister…through and through…I list and list and list all day. I am even one of those listers that likes to write something on my list that I already finished just so I can cross it off.  Yeah, that’s me.  The issue with listing is that I have several notebooks that I list different topics in.  It becomes challenging to keep up with and I have a tendency to start new notebooks before finishing another because I started a new list.  I know, it’s like a tangled mess of notebooks and lists and pieces of paper with lists and post-its with lists…It’s hard to keep my craft desk clean to craft on sometimes!

With my 2016 planner lost in all this mess and not doing what I needed it to do, I did a search on bullet journals on YouTube.  I came across a fellow YouTuber and Blogger named Boho Berry.  Boho Berry is amazing. Not only does she have a ton of information on bullet journaling, but she is super inspiring and creative in her journals!  After watching her videos and a few others that I found, I decided to give it a go.  I took the plunge and purchased an actual Bullet Journal from, and I basically had everything I needed from there.  You can use any notebook that you want to use…it doesn’t have to be a Bullet Journal, but I found some benefits to using the actual one and just wanted to go for it.  Other than the journal, you can go as simple as a black pen or fine line marker or you can go all out and use fancy markers, pens and scrappy supplies.  I choose the middle road for now, which is the journal, a decent ruler, and a bunch of marker pens.

I started mid-March and have now moved on to April.  For March I copied most of my layouts based on spreads that I had seen Boho Berry and some others do in their journals. I really didn’t know what I wanted until I tried it out so I thought that was the best route.  It didn’t take long though for me to realize what spreads I really liked, what worked for me, what didn’t, and new spreads that I wanted to try.

Here is a sneak peek of some of my March spreads:

Monthly Spread:

20160331_210456 Cropped

March Memories:


Daily Logs:

20160331_210548 cropped

I am really excited to begin sharing my progress with my bullet journal throughout the month and already have some plans for future videos on my YouTube Channel and ideas for future posts.

Are any of you Bullet Journalists?  I would love to hear your ideas, tips and tricks that have worked for you!

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Use it or Lose it Series #1 – #6

Hello all my crafty friends!

I am behind on posting on my blog but staying pretty steady posting my videos 🙂  Doing this series has been a lot of fun and I actually made it through a lot of supplies!  I think the difference really was that it was “focused” stash…meaning, I probably would have used supplies anyway, but for this project I focused on some older things or specific supplies.  Here are the more recent videos that I posted:

Layout #2 was a unique design for me.  I used a sketch from Scrapbook Challenges to make it happen:

Layout #3 is a simple layout.  I used a sketch by Allison Davis to get an idea of the foundation pieces.  From there, the layout for the most part came together.  The hardest part was figuring out how to use the wood veneer letters so that they wouldn’t get lost on the page.

Layout #4 is probably one of my most favorite so far.  I didn’t use a sketch but was able to figure out a way to use all those amazing colors on one layout.  Add that with the black accents and the journaling and it’s definitely one of  my pages 🙂

Layout #5 is another one of my favorites.  I think I like the colors the best especially once I added in the green enamel dots.  I also love that I finally used up those bows!

Layout #6 puts me up to date with what I have posted.  I love the colors and the layout of this one.  I think my favorite part is the title.  No sketch was used for this one.  It’s actually one of my go to designs when I am struggling.

I still have several videos left to narrate in this series.  I can’t wait to get another video series started!  Hope you all enjoyed it!

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Use It Or Lose It Series

Here is the second video in my series.


I am so excited for this series and can’t wait to see how many pages I make with it…I made 11 page kits so far.  Not sure if I will make more or just stop at that point.  Doing a series like this has really made me want to keep building kits from my stash.  Hope you are enjoying the series and playing along with me!

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Use It Or Lose It!!

I am starting my very first series on my YouTube channel called Use it or Lose it.  I have been working my tail off trying to get set up so that I can’t fail in the endeavor!  Ok, I don’t know that I can actually prevent myself from failing, but I have been working on it now for about 2 – 3 weeks and have kept at it to the point where I have several videos on reserve.  Yep…you see where I am going with this right?!

The idea behind the series is that I have so many products that I really love, but as soon or soon after I get new products in, those products make their way deeper into my stash to the point where they are “lost” and by the time they are found, I no longer love them.  I recently placed an order at ACOT ( containing several collection packs and paper pads from the most recent CHA.  It’s a pre-order so I won’t see those supplies until March or April.  I figured this would be the best time to put together a pack of supplies that I am loving or would like to use up before that order arrives.

The pack of supplies included 2 paper pads (Documentary by Dear Lizzy and Finder’s Keepers by Amy Tan) and 3 collection packs by Echo Park (We are Family and the 2 Capture Life collections).  These collections had either never been opened or were hardly used.  The rest of the supplies are just a random variety of embellishments either from kits or just items I had purchased over time.

The next step in the process was to create page kits.  I created 11 page kits with photos, journaling, paper and in some cases there were embellishments.  This makes it easier when I go to create because a lot of the more difficult guess work (for me anyway) is taken care of.

I am really excited about this series and would love it if you played along!

Here is the first video in my series explaining what it’s all about.



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2015 December Daily Flip Through

I really enjoyed December in 2015.  Instead of recording the process of my pages, I ended up scrapbooking in the living room while watching shows with Brian so instead I have a flip through of the album.  There are still a few things that I need to complete and those things I will most likely do when I am energized to do so.  For now, I am more focused on starting some new adventures that I am slowly working on for my blog and my YouTube channel so the finishing touches will have to wait 🙂  Here are the two videos where I flipped through the album and explained some of my pages and process.  As always, thanks for watching!



I hope you are all having a great start to 2016!  I am really excited for this year for so many reasons!  One of them being a redo of my current scrap space 🙂

Chat with you all soon!

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December Daily Day 7 & 8

Oh…December is over.  I ended up sitting in my living room to work on my album so I didn’t film as much as I would have liked to, but I am very happy to say that as of today I am working on day 28!  I have plans for several of the days that are left and just need to find the time to do them.  I do plan to do a video of all of the pages in the end.  Here were the latest videos that I posted for the album:


Day 7:

Day 8:

Happy New Year everyone!

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